Free Pastor Ewan Mawarire

“Every citizen has to understand that the highest form of national duty is to defend one’s own country when it is in trouble. That’s what I will go back to do. I must fight for the future of my children.”

These were the words of Pastor Ewan Mawarire when asked in our latest edition of BullsEye on whether he wanted to return to his Zimbabwe from where he had to flee to escape persecution by the dictatorial regime after organising a peaceful protest movement. Yesterday on 1 February, Pastor Mawarire acted on his promise. However, Immediately upon his arrival in Harare, he was detained by the Zimbabwean authorities on the grounds of “subverting the government”. His lawyers have not been able to see him, his whereabouts are unknown. 

We support the Zimbabweans struggle for freedom and condemn the arbitrary arrest of Pastor Mawarire in the strongest possible terms. We call upon the Zimbabwean authorities to release him with immediate effect and upon the international community to exercise pressure on the regime to achieve this end. #FreePastorE #ThisFlag


Just recently, on the International Day of Human Rights, EDS adopted an urgent motion on the alarming developments in Zimbabwe where critics of the Mugabe regime face more repression than ever. The motion calls for an independent investigation into the harassment, abduction and brutalisation of human rights activists and further for the immediate release and retraction of all charges against six activists who were unlawfully jailed for a peaceful protest.

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