Annual Report
what we achieved in a year

What you can find in our Annual Reports

Our Annual Report which offers a representative view of our activities, main topics, projects and achievements. This publication invites you to look and read through the working year during which a lot of work has been undertaken in the quest for a more prosperous and better Europe.

We hope that you will enjoy your reading and keep in mind that EDS is always interested in receiving feedback, hearing your ideas, and discovering more ways to proudly serve students across Europe.

Annual Reports

EDS Annual Report 2017/2018

Date Added: 31.07.2018 | File Type: pdf | Size: 9.26 MB

EDS Annual Report 2016/2017

Date Added: 26.07.2017 | File Type: pdf | Size: 10.9 MB

EDS Annual Report 2015/2016

Date Added: 02.12.2016 | File Type: pdf | Size: 4.5 MB

EDS Annual Report 2014/2015

Date Added: 02.12.2016 | File Type: pdf | Size: 11.1 MB

EDS Annual Report 2013/2014

Date Added: 17.07.2014 | File Type: pdf | Size: 10.6 MB

EDS Annual Report 2012/2013

Date Added: 02.10.2013 | File Type: pdf | Size: 9.03 MB

EDS Annual Report 2011/2012

Date Added: 30.06.2013 | File Type: pdf | Size: 8.31 MB